Young Inventors Program (YIP)

Our third program is the Young Inventors Program (YIP) for 4th to 8th graders.  This is a leadership development program that uses Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) projects to assist participants in understanding group dynamics.  Participants learn what it means to be a leader, when to be a leader, how to prepare for leadership and the different roles of leadership (including being an effective follower).   These elementary students are matched with high school students who help to guide their decisions.


  Students are also engaged in learning world history, so that they will get an understanding and an appreciation of their heritage and that of others.  They must learn how to play chess to practice strategic thinking. YIP students must learn to swim, so we partnered with the local park district for swimming lessons that way our students will conquer a difficult task early in their leadership life. YIP students will get early life skills and lessons that will assist in their commitment to their community. 


Talented 10th doesn’t encourage our youth to become successful so that they can leave the community, we encourage our youth to become successful to benefit our communities. 

Talented 10th Mentoring Young Inventors at Alderman Howard B Jr Brookins commissioner Stanley Moore & State Rep. Justin Slaughter Job Fair.

Talented 10th and Lofton & Lofton STEM Program Kwanzaa Event

Talented 10th STEM Program at NIU


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