Kweli T. Kwaza

Many of us believe that the plight of our communities is not our problem, and we think that we are succesful to our own initiatives.  However, we were fortunate to succeed because of the millions of Americans who were not allowed to succeed; they are the ones who have made a true sacrifice.


Through poor educational systems and a failed economy, many Americans have been left behind.  Unfortunately, by leaving our fellow Americans behind, America has been left behind.  We have failed to continue to produce more smart people.


It will be up to me and you to save America by mentoring our youth, and in fact saving our future.  We will have to be the Supermen and Superwomen that come to the rescue of our nation.


It is only through programs like the Talented 10th that will have a chance for survival.  I urge you to get involved now!  We need you as a mentor, speaker, or donor!


I want to thank many of you for your involvment.


Keep up the good work!


Chicago, IL 60620


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